Abortion & Vegetarianism

In light of the recent filibuster on Abortion. (Anyone else think it’s odd that the DOMA and Filibuster hit so close together?) I thought I’d share some thoughts I had. I am, have always been and always will be against abortion.

Psalm 139:13-14 “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful,

I get that woman have fought long and hard for rights and as a women I do support that we should be equal. But I don’t agree with women’s right’s eradicating any right infants have. And I definitely don’t agree with their twisted close-my-ears-la-la-la approach of “It’s not a baby” I mean really? really world that so proudly calls themselves scienticifally advanced? There have been extensive studies done on what infants can feel (more info on that here) they are so developed, with all the new technology they can survive earlier and eariler out of the womb and on a basic level they look like babies!

So what does that have to do with vegetarianism? The thought came to me while watching this video

(make sure english CC is turned on)

So the little boy doesn’t want to eat octopus because (aw moment) we are here to take care for them, not kill them for food. Now I’m not a vegetarian, but that simple saying definitely pulled at my heart strings. As an adult I do recognize the uncomfortable truth of eating meat, that defenseless animals are no longer alive because I like eating meat more than I like going without. It’s not a necessity,  I don’t live somewhere where I’d die without it. The options of food are basically endless. I just want to eat bacon and so I do.

That’s why I find the arguments of “It’s not a murder, it’s a fetus, not a baby” so obtuse. It would be like me (as a meat eater) saying, It’s not a pig, it’s bacon. And when you hear stories of girls asking where the baby is at developmentally and being lied to?!  About will happen during an abortion? At best it’s misinformation about a fairly large and serious medical procedure and worst it’s unduly influencing a woman who, could potentially be the most vulnerable she has ever been, to get a procedure when the Truth would change everything.

This point of view is interesting and honest, really pulling in the human rights (which DOMA is all over.) Abortion is infanticide (and not just after 6 months, stop splitting hairs) I read an article, which I can’t find now (figures) in which the author had an abortion and basically said. I believe life starts at conception, but that doesn’t matter. It is killing a baby but the life of the mother counts more. They are both lives but not equal. Her honest and different approach was shocking and saddening. (Another article here.) Now, I agree we live in a imperfect world and the wish that everyone would either
A.) Be in a 2 parent household

B.) A stable single parent

C.) Adopt out their baby

is not going to happen, we are selfish sinners and people don’t want to do it. Maybe that will shift as demand increases? Adults are waiting longer and longer to start families, the need for adoption will just continue to rise.

So where does this leave us? Honestly, Prayer. Lots of it. and being the best support system you can be to family and friends alike. I have a teenage sibling who, were they to find themselves in a pregnancy situation, I would hope they would talk to me about it. Heck I’d even adopt their child, if that was what they wanted. I think that the church should be a huge support system to people going through this struggle. And I hope that if each and every person getting a abortion was simply well educated on what is happening (yes, they will feel pain, yes it is a life you are destroying, you have other options but are choosing not to use them) then it would greatly shift the scales, and I hope and pray more women would choose the harder path of carrying to term and adopting instead of abortion. As woman we were created to be mothers, we have that honor of carrying children, men and woman can be equal in every way but they will never be identical. God’s intent was for parents to stay together. So yes, it’s not ideal that in sex the woman has to be more careful or potentially end up with loads of responsibility. But sex and responsibility should go hand in hand. It’s a major decision and for all of our best efforts to separate them, it’s how it is.

I’ll leave you with this thought. It is not unheard of for character’s to have abortions on TV shows or Movies and people praise them for that. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is a a prime example, they show all sorts of medical procedures, some quite graphic. So why not show an abortion since it’s just a “mass of tissue.” I challenge you pro-choicer’s, show a realistic depiction of abortion on TV for one of your “empowered” women, on a “liberal” network.

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